Desert Locust

Locusts in East Africa threaten to become a plague

The millions of people in East Africa are facing an impending disaster swarms of locusts are ravaging fields of crops. The UN is calling for urgent actions saying the food security of people in the affected region is at risk. More rainfall in the weeks ahead will bring fresh vegetation to feed new generations of the pests.

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10 personal solutions to global warming

Reducing your heat-trapping emissions does not mean forgoing modern conveniences; it means making smart choices, using energy-efficient products, and understanding which areas of your life generate the most carbon emissions. What’s more, making climate-friendly choices will save you money at the same time!

So here are the top ten things you can do to help tackle global warming:

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2020 YES

From now on
I’m going to say YES

YES to love
YES to adventure
YES to life

Whatever it maybe
The answer is going to be YES


Happy Holiday

Life can be rich with gratitude.

Be the Light!

Ignite everyone’s inner flame to illuminate the world.


Climate change impacts agriculture in Ladakh

| Summary India Climate Dialogue report |

Ladakh is a cold desert** and its arid climate makes conditions harsh for agriculture. Almost 90% of farmers in Ladakh are dependent on snowmelt water for irrigation. Scientists say the water problem in this area is mainly due to climate change. There has already been a 3 degree Celsius rise in average temperature of Ladakh in the past four decades. This has caused less snowfall and faster snowmelt in the higher regions.

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2019 Earth Hour

Nature makes our life better by giving us good food, clean air, freshwater and so much – but climate change and other causes of nature loss put this under threat. This @EarthHour, join millions around the world in turning off the lights and speaking up about why nature matters.

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At least 86 people have died in the devastating California wildfires. Large fires have grown in populated areas of California over the past few weeks, including the Camp Fire, north of Sacramento, the Woolsey Fire and the Hill Fire, northwest of Los Angeles.

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Tsunami & Sea Rising

Sept 28, 2018 The 7.5-magnitude quake, which struck in the early evening, was centered along the coast of the island of Sulawesi about 50 miles north of Palu. Shortly afterward — within 30 minutes by some accounts — waves as high as 18 feet crashed ashore in the city, destroying buildings, smashing vehicles and killing hundreds of people.

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