Ignite Everyone’s Inner Flame to illuminate the World

Mountains provide us food and biodiversity

Mountains are very important to us. The mountain regions provide us with fresh water, forest and agriculture resources. We can also find the indigenous people, their culture and spiritual world there.

Who We Are

International Nature Restoration Action Association (INRAA in short) was founded in December, 2016. We are committed to protecting the unpolluted lands in the world. We believe that through ACTION, we should acknowledge the power of one’s behavior, and what it may impact the land. INRAA is empowered by the continuous actions of people. We hope to ignite the lights within everyone, to illuminate the world.

Our Honorary President

His Holiness Shared, “Each of our lives matters. People living in different geographic locations need to cherish the land and soil that nurtures their lives. Collaboration is the key to unite forces of people from around the globe to protect our Mother Earth.” In addition, His Holiness promoted the “integration of Buddism’s love, kindness and compassion into the environment preservation efforts to protect the well-being of our Earth and its residents.”

Our Honorary President

Whatever we takes, must return back more.

—Rosemary Morrow, a permaculture pioneer

Our Sustainable Recycle

Our Sustainable Recycle

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