Ladakh India 2019

On July 20, the INRAA(International Nature Restoration Action Association) held its Low-Cost Incinerator workshop at an altitude of 3,500 meters, under the endless blue sky and scorching heat, surrounding by mountains. We are grateful to have the opportunity to contribute for this land.

We worked with four Ladakh Student Union organizations. We hope the participants will learn the structure of the incinerators, then have the chance to build similar ones in their hometowns to solve waste problems. Additionally, two Incinerators are expected to be built for demonstration purposes in Leh. The Smaller-sized kiln can be built at homes in the future, and the larger ones in the villages or schools.

It is a well-known fact that burning garbage in the open air does more harm than good. However, a suitable kiln or industrial (large-scale) incinerator can help reduce large amount of waste and decrease the harmful substances.

Inside the incinerator, temperatures can reach or exceed more than 800 degrees Celsius, allowing the waste to be completely burned off. This is due to the specially designed position of the flue in conjunction with the principal of pneumatic pressure. This process allows pollution to be reduced and the ash to be reused. This would be the first actionable steps for those countries who have yet to develop complete systems to solve their waste management problems.

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