Lamabagar Nepal 2017

Lamabhakar, a small mountain village in Nepal, situated 1954 meters (6410 ft) high. The weather there is not severe, with ample natural water resource, full sunlight and sandy loam soil, villagers can grow many different fruit and vegetable. It is an almost self-sufficient village. They said because this place is close to the boundary, it was a forbidden area, no road for cars to access, and outside people are restricted to enter it. Now due to the construction of hydropower plant which is a deal between China and Nepal, the entry is opened up.

The roads have connected different parts of the world, broadened human’s horizons, but also brought in the modern consumer culture which has had a great impact on the original environment and the lives of those in mountain villages, Lamabhakar is not the exception.To keep the environment clean and sustainable while enjoying the convenience of modern life is a tremendous challenge for them.

Waste management is one of the most urgent issues, if not, the most, and needs to be solved as soon as possible.

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