Rincheling Monastery Nepal 2018

In this workshop, INRAA rebuilt a 12-year-old incineration kiln in the dump site practicing our 4Bs principals (Benefit all living beings, Balance Life, Basic Need, Beyond Vision). We cleaned up the old incinerator carefully and laid down one brick after another with our hearts and gratitude.

During the construction, we tried our best to follow the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle). First, we picked out recyclable items from the garbage. Next, we manually sieved the residues of burned garbage that had been incinerated into waste foundry sand and mixed it with raw sand and cement to make adhesives. Then, we dug out rebar, wires and gauzes from the monastery’s storage to build the structure for the kiln.

After that, we built the wall and dome of the kiln and proceeded to the key part of this construction: Building the insulation structure of the kiln.

Participants of the workshop were divided into several groups. Each of the groups rotated through different tasks and helped each other out. In this way, all participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the whole process and practice each of the steps. Because all participants came from different villages, we hope that after they go back to their villages, they can build a low-cost and efficient “handmade incinerator” applying skills learned in this workshop.

With each household reduces a little exhaust gas, the air will be fresher and the sky will be cleaner.

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